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FPSC FIA Past Papers
Inspector FIA (BS-16)
Federal Investigation Agency Paper 2009

1) He was in high spirits when I met him in the restaurant,
(a) he was in a drunken state
(b) he was very cheerful
(c) he talked incoherently
(d) he was deeply engrossed in thoughts

2) Harassed by repeated acts of injustice, he decided to put his foot down.
(a) not to yield
(b) resign
(c) withdraw
(d) none

3) Jamil could be easily arrested because the police was tipped off in advance,
(a) bribed
(b) cautioned
(c) given advance information
(d) threatened

4) You cannot have your cake and eat it too
(a) enjoy for ever
(b) enjoy without payment
(c) have it both ways
(d) absolve yourself of guilt

5) In the beginning of his career, he was practically rolling in money
(a) wasting a lot of money
(b) spending more than his earnings
(c) very rich
(d) saving lot of money


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